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Will alternative investments become a staple in all investors’ portfolios?

Alternative investments, or alts, are a direct corollary to diversified portfolios. And they are not just for institutional funds: Individual investors too are showing increasing interest in this asset class, which encompasses all sorts of supports, from wine and watches to gold … and startups. Startups can be on the receiving end of investments into alts, but some of them have also facilitated this trend. California-based fintech VC firm Broadhaven Ventures invests in companies on the tech side of enabling alts, with a portfolio including Allocate, Alongside, Alt, Capital (known until recently as Party Round), Caplight, Carta, Latitud, Pipe, Republic, Syndicate and others. Talking to TechCrunch, Broadhaven co-founder and partner Michael Sidgmore said that when investing in the sector, the early-stage fund has “focused on helping to build out the alts ecosystem by investing in many of the enabling technologies across various areas of alternative investments.” Sidgmore himself has spent a large part of his career in alts and launched a podcast and content platform called Alt Goes Mainstream in January 2021. We spoke with him about alts beyond crypto and what’s next for a space that’s seeing some of its tailwinds fade. His answers below were edited for length and clarity.

Will alternative investments become a staple in all investors’ portfolios? by Anna Heim originally published on TechCrunch


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