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When is Spotify Wrapped 2022 coming? How to view yours when it releases.

Annually, Spotify gifts us with insight into our musical habits; our obsession with Taylor Swift, for example, is backed up with data. Spotify Wrapped allows us a glimpse into our year in music: the good, the bad, the passionate. And every year, come November, us Spotify users are itching to get our hands into the tailored report. Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) So when is Spotify Wrapped 2022 coming our way? The streaming company hasn’t announced a clear date yet, but has updated their Wrapped page with the words, “Wrapped is coming”. The hub is a good starting point, so users know where to go exactly when the time comes. Spotify is also redirecting us to 2021’s Wrapped, so you can revisit all your emotions from this time last year.images-1.fill_.size_2000x969.v1668420370 While you wait, however, you can use these 12 websites that analyze your Spotify data, from Iceburgify to Spotify Pie. And for those who don’t use Spotify, look out for features available. Apple Music, for instance, offered “Replay 2022” at the beginning of this year.


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