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Watch Google unveil the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 here

But the real story is almost certainly the Pixel Watch, Google’s long-awaited entry into the smartwatch space. The company’s certainly got a solid foundation for the first gen device, including years of Wear OS updates and, of course, it’s big Fossil IP and Fitbit acquisitions. But the device will truly need to make a space after years of tenuous wearable involvement. We already got some Nest news this week, as the company announced a new Doorbell, WiFi router and updates to the Home app. Given the big Matter news that arrived alongside it, however, it seems like a fairly safe bet we’ll be catching more smart home stuff today, as well, along with a better look at next year’s Pixel Tablet. Some additional software news seems likely, as well, because Google. Things in Brooklyn kick off at 10AM ET/7AM PT. I’ll be there live, and the rest of the team will be helping out remotely. You can join in live as well, by tapping this here link.   google-fall-2022-banner-1 Watch Google unveil the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 here by Brian Heater originally published on TechCrunch


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