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Voxel51 lands funds for its platform to manage unstructured data

Corso says he, alongside machine learning PhD Brian Moore, created Voxel51 to harness the growing flood of unstructured data in AI and machine learning. A professor at the University of Michigan, Corso says he saw a “critical need” for better software infrastructure to support machine learning engineers and data scientists in visualizing, analyzing and understanding their data. “Leveraging unstructured and visual data is a significant challenge. Although we’ve seen recent wins in the transition of capabilities from the lab to production, such as those in ADAS, there remains a difficulty in bringing computer vision capabilities into production,” Corso told TechCrunch in an email interview. “[Voxel51] doesn’t simply find the right data to train a model from, but verifies that said data will train your model to do the thing you actually want it to do.” Voxel51’s core product, FiftyOne, launched in open source in August 2020. The tool aims to help developers visually analyze and improve unstructured datasets across computer vision and machine learning use cases. This week marks the launch of a fully managed version, FiftyOneTeams, that adds enterprise-oriented features to the mix, including the ability to search within image and video datasets stored in the cloud, share datasets with co-workers and create and manage dataset versions. imagenet-sample Voxel51 lands funds for its platform to manage unstructured data by Kyle Wiggers originally published on TechCrunch


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