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Upgrade your WFH setup with a modular laptop attachment kit on sale


TL;DR: The Edge Full Kit — which includes the Edge Mount, Edge Light, and Edge Universal Wireless Charger — is on sale for $64.99 (reg. $74.99) as of Jan. 16. That’s 13% in savings.Working from home can take a lot of hardware and a lot of space. Whether your home office is a converted spare room or a spare corner, an efficient workspace could be a welcome change. The Edge® Full Kit is a set of modular laptop attachments that could give you more control over your lighting, your screens, and your phone battery. Normally, it would cost $74 to upgrade your work from home setup with all this gear, but for a limited time, you can get it for $64.99. 

Enhance your work from home space 

You might be wasting desk space on things like phone chargers or ring lights. The Edge Kit gives you the means to attach all that to the back of your computer. This kit includes the Edge Mount, Edge Light, and Edge Universal Wireless Charger. The mount has a magnetic surface you can use to attach compatible phones. You may not have space for a second monitor, but you could use your phone to join meetings online while you keep your main monitor free and work-ready. The Edge Mount doesn’t just hold phones. Attach the Edge Light if you want three levels of adjustable brightness illuminating your face. Your co-workers might see you in a new light once they can actually see you clearly. The Edge Light can shine up to 280 lumens, and works with or without a cable. 


Phone’s dying? Don’t waste space with another cable on the table. Attach the Edge Wireless Charger and stick your phone to a powerful N52 magnet. This charger is compatible with iPhone MagSafe devices, iPhone 8 and above, and any Android devices that support wireless charging.

Make your workstation more productive

Make the most of the space you have. Get the Edge Full Kit while it’s on sale for $64.99 (reg. $74). Prices subject to change.images-1.fill_.size_256x192.v1673633159


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