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This little voice recorder fits in a wallet and starts listening when it hears noise, and it’s on sale for $45

TL;DR: As of September 13, you can get the 64G Mini Voice Activated Recorder for just $44.99 instead of $52.99 — that’s a 15% discount.If you want to listen to a meeting later, you don’t need a big clunky voice recorder. You don’t even need your phone. This Mini Voice Activated Recorder is small enough to fit in a wallet, can hold up to 64GB of audio recordings, and it’s on sale for $44.99 (Reg. $52). 

A voice recorder you can set and forget 

Do you ever leave a meeting and struggle to remember any of the main takeaways? With this mini recorder, you can pay attention without having to worry about remembering every detail. This super compact voice recorder can fit in wallets, purses, or even pockets. From there, it will create a noise-free 360-degree panoramic recording. To listen to your recordings directly from the recorder, just plug in a pair of headphones. To transfer data, use the included USB cable. You can also turn on voice-activated mode which will only start recording when there is sound nearby, and it will stop recording when the sound quiets. Just flip the switch, and if you tend to find yourself formulating a good idea that passes moments later, this little device may be a big help in keeping those gems alive. If the Mini Voice Recorder hears you, it can activate, record, and save your file for later. The 64GB memory has enough room for around 145 hours of high-quality recording files. Access audio files as WAV, MP3, or other common audio file types. On a single charge, the battery can last up to 24 hours. 

Record your day with a device that fits in your wallet

Don’t miss a beat and let this small, voice-activated audio device do the remembering for you. For a limited time, get a 64G Mini Voice Activated Recorder for $44.99 (reg. $52). Prices subject to change.


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