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This is the best Cyber Weekend discount on the Xbox Series S, hands down

SAVE $60: Walmart and the Microsoft Store both have the Xbox Series S on sale for $239.99 as of Nov. 26. It typically retails for $299.99, so you’ll be saving a good 20%.In need of a next-gen upgrade? You can score an Xbox Series S on sale for just $239.99 if you order it through Walmart or the Microsoft Store. That’s the best non-gift card deal we’ve ever seen on Microsoft’s entry-level console (normally sold for $299.99), which has been hovering around the $250 mark elsewhere this Cyber Weekend. It looks like this $240 pricing was previously exclusive to Sam’s Club and Costco, so we’d be willing to venture that this is one of the first times it’s popped up online.Some fine print: The version on sale at Walmart is the Xbox Series S Holiday Console, which is literally just a regular Series S in vaguely festive packaging. Go figure.images-1.fill_.size_256x256.v1669469773 images-2.fill_.size_194x256.v1669469773


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