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This CES-featured tripod mount helps you make content with AI technology

TL;DR: Through March 5, you can snag the Pivo Pod Lite auto-tracking smartphone pod in gray for $69.99 rather than $79.99. That’s 13% in savings.Though artificial intelligence can sound intimidating, advancements in technology are making their way into our daily lives more and more every day. And sometimes, it’s in places you wouldn’t expect. The Consumer Electronics Show is a trade show that displays the latest and greatest in electronic innovations, and much of the 2023 event centered around AI gadgets. The Pivo Pod Lite is a great example of an instance you wouldn’t have previously thought AI could come in handy, serving as an AI-powered tripod mount for your smartphone. And during the Tech Innovations Seen at CES campaign, running now through March 5, you can score one in gray for $69.99 and cut almost $10 off the usual price of $79, no coupon code required.


Whether you create content for a living or just like doing it for fun, the Pivo Pod Lite: Auto Tracking Smartphone Pod makes it easier than ever. This AI-powered tripod mount allows you to create content hands-free, tracking your face and body as you pose for photos on Instagram, do a TikTok dance, or film a workout on Snapchat. With a handy 360° rotation and AI-powered intelligent Auto Tracking, the Pivo Pod Lite is like having your very own film crew at home. And thanks to its portable design, it can tag along on the go, too. It’s easy to use, with an auto-zoom feature that can intelligently adjust the shot, and auto tracking that’s designed to stay centered on you as you move about. There are also ‘create’ modes that let you produce unique and engaging content without having to master editing skills. All you’ll need is a tripod to start your own content creation factory. During the Tech Innovations Seen at CES campaign, get The Pivo Pod Lite: Auto Tracking Smartphone Pod for $69.99 — no coupon code required — now through March 5 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Prices subject to change.


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