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There’s no more wet pages with a 34% discount on the Kindle Oasis


SAVE $95: The Kindle Oasis 7-inch e-reader is on sale for $184.99 at Amazon for Cyber Monday, down from $279.99. That’s a 34% discount. e-Readers like the Amazon Kindle may be unassuming, un-flashy devices, but you can’t beat them when it comes to a paper-like reading experience with multitudes of choices at your finger tips. Now, the Kindle Oasis, the premier offering in the Kindle stable, is on sale with Amazon’s Cyber Monday deal: You can get and add-supported one with 32GB of storage for just $184.99, down from $279.99. We appreciate the Oasis’s all-aluminum construction and available Champagne Gold color for a touch of luxury while reading. The 7-inch Paperwhite display is the latest in paper-mimicking e-ink technology, and now the color temperature is adjustable from cool white to warm yellow tint, for less eye strain in a variety of lighting. Audible compatibility (also from Amazon) works with your Bluetooth headphones, so you can switch to audiobooks and give your peepers a rest. It’s waterproof, too, so it can handle getting splashed. This deal includes three months of Kindle Unlimited included, so millions of books are free during this introductory period (you can also buy it without the subscription add-on). To get the Oasis without lockscreen ads, you’ll have to fork over an extra $20 more for that model. Decide accordingly, and check it out at Amazon. images-1.fill_.size_256x223.v1669666786


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