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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are stupid cheap for Cyber Monday — $49

SAVE $121: The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are down to just $49 for Cyber Monday — that’s a 71% discount from the usual $169.99 price tag and the lowest price they’ve ever been by a long shot.For Cyber Monday, there are discounts that are good, discounts that are great, and some that are just straight-up ridiculous. You can file this absurdly fantastic deal on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live under the latter.As of Nov. 28, you can snag yourself a pair of Galaxy Buds Live for only $49 at Walmart — that’s $121 off the original retail price and the best price we’ve ever seen on these buds by a long shot. Just last week, they were sitting at their previous best price of $69, which was already pretty epic. But good old Cyber Monday savings have dropped the price another $20. For comparison’s sake, they’re sitting at $79.99 at Amazon and $69.99 at Best Buy at the time of writing. I don’t even need earbuds or own a Samsung phone and I’m considering adding them to my cart.The Buds Live are a solid AirPods Pro alternative for the Samsung-loving crowd. They check all the right boxes for wireless earbuds in their price range. Excellent sound quality? Check. Snug fit? Yup. In-app customization options? Of course. They aren’t the latest and greatest buds in Samsung’s lineup (that honor would go to the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro), but they still hold their own in 2022. The downfalls are the mediocre noise cancellation, so-so battery life, and the occasional discomfort they can cause with long-term wear. According to Mashable tech expert Alex Perry, “the worst thing about the Galaxy Buds Live is the name,” which is arguably the least important thing about them.There’s no knowing how long this ridiculous deal will stick around, so our advice is to grab it sooner rather than later. You almost certainly aren’t going to find a better price.images-1.fill_.size_256x233.v1669684434


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