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The Google Nest smart thermostat with programmable WiFi is on sale at Amazon

Save $40.01: The Google Nest Thermostat is down to $89.98 as a part of Amazon’s Black Friday deals, which is also its lowest price since July 2022’s Amazon Prime Day. The deal is as of Nov. 23 (though we suspect it could stick around) with a 31% discount off the MSRP.While the cold weather can bring happiness in the form of snowman building and holiday celebrations, it can also bring a chill inside your home. If you’re looking to get a head start on some internal weather adjustment, then installing a thermostat — especially one that can keep you comfortable throughout the year — can be a solid investment.In comes the Google Nest Thermostat, now available at $89.98 as a part of Amazon’s Black Friday deals. That’s its lowest price since Amazon’s July 2022 Prime Day sale. The product is also ranked at the top of Amazon’s “Home Programmable Thermostats” list.The Google Nest uses a built-in sensor to know when you’re away, which is beneficial in case you forget to manually switch it off in a rush and could lead to spending more than you intended on energy bills. Moreover, the remote control option helps you to adjust the thermostat’s temperature from a connected device thanks to the Google Home app on the Play Store or App Store, or by sharing simple voice instructions on your Google Assistant app. And with the Savings Finder mode suggesting improvements to your sleep temperatures and your temperature schedules, you can save more energy and also be entitled to a rebate from your energy provider. images-2.fill_.size_256x256.v1669222721


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