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The best Virgin Media broadband deals in 2022

If your home broadband can be supplied by Virgin Media, you can often get the very best download speeds in the UK. This supplier is therefore perfect for larger households or homes that use a lot of devices at once.Virgin Media has plenty of impressive deals on its fast broadband services, TV bundles, and student packages. Getting a good broadband deal should always be a priority, and it’s easy with Virgin Media. Virgin uses a unique and thicker cabling system that runs from the broadband cabinet to your home and retains high levels of speed regardless of the distance between the two. Thanks to this clever infrastructure, download speeds can hit 512Mbps on some packages, while even the most basic set-ups will still reach average speeds of 54Mbps.If you’re seeking superior speeds and reliable uploads, it might be worth switching over to Virgin Media. To help you make the switch with the best deal possible, we have checked out everything that Virgin Media has to offer.These are the best Virgin Media broadband deals for 2022.If you’re interested in Sky broadband deals, or all the best broadband deals from the wide range of UK providers, we’ve got you covered.  


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