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The $1,499 Quest Pro is a work-ready VR solution

At Meta Connect 2022, the company officially unveiled the Meta Quest Pro, a mixed-reality headset made for “collaboration and creativity,” according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “Open periphery design” lets you see the world around you, which means the headset is open on the side. Magnetic light blockers are available as well. The use of pancake lenses means the headset is 40 percent thinner than the Quest 2 and images are sharper and clearer. Its LCD display also packs 37 percent more pixels than the Quest 2.The Quest Pro runs on a new Snapdragon XR2+ processor, which was custom designed with Qualcomm for VR, and allow for 50 percent more power than the Quest 2. The Quest Pro also has a first-ever curved cell battery at its back and an all-new charging dock that fits in a workspace.As for the new Touch controllers, they’ll track your movements on their own in full 360 degree of motion — all without the need for the headset’s cameras. You can even add a stylus to the bottom of the controllers so they become a writing utensil in Horizon Workrooms.The Quest Pro is a high-end VR headset designed specifically for businesses and professionals. It joins the Quest and Quest 2, which are considered the consumer-friendly models in Meta’s lineup of VR hardware. The Quest Pro starts at $1,499. Pre-orders begin today and the device will ship on Oct. 25.This story is developing…


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