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Take 25% off the stylish Garmin Lily smartwatch

SAVE $50: The sleek and stylish Garmin Lily smartwatch is on sale for $149.99 at Amazon as of September 12 — that’s 25% off its MSRP of $199.99.Looking for a smartwatch that doesn’t look and feel like a hunk of gaudy tech hanging from your wrist? The Garmin Lily offers a welcome alternative. Better yet, it’s on sale for 25% off.The Garmin Lily smartwatch is *checks notes* actually stylish and it’s just $149.99 as of September 12. That’s $50 off its $199.99 MSRP and equivalent to its all-time low price (which it’s reached a couple times before).The Lily sports a 34mm watch case, which is ideal for smaller wrists, along with a unique decorative lens. While it comes in a variety of colors, only the tan and rose gold, light gold and white, and dark purple sport options are listed at $149.99 at the time of writing.While you won’t be able to make calls and send texts directly from your wrist as you can with an Apple Watch, the Lily will keep you connected via smart notifications for incoming calls, texts, calendar reminders, and more. Plus, it’s equipped with all-day health monitoring that keeps you in tune with your body. Keep an eye on your stress, sleep quality, heart rate, menstrual cycle, step count, and calories burned, track workouts and mindful breathing, and monitor your body battery to know the best times for activity and rest.It’s not the most feature-packed smartwatch on the market, but it’s capable of a lot and it actually looks good on your wrist. And at $149.99, it’s more affordable than an Apple Watch by far.


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