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Sony sets PlayStation VR 2 price at $550 with a February launch date

The next generation of console virtual reality finally has a price tag and a release date.Sony lifted the veil off that PlayStation VR 2 info on Wednesday. In a PlayStation Blog post, the company confirmed that you’ll be able to pick up a PSVR2 on Feb. 22 for the not insignificant price of $550 in the U.S. You can pre-order PSVR2 from the PlayStation Direct website starting on Nov. 15 and you can register for pre-orders (AKA pre-order your pre-order) starting Wednesday.  Tweet may have been deleted (opens in a new tab) Yes, that is $50 more than the PlayStation 5 console itself, which is a requirement to play PSVR2.  But, such is the price of high-quality VR, and PSVR2 promises to provide that, at least. Its OLED screens run at 2000×2040 resolution per each eye and this time around the new headset has eye tracking. There’s also haptic feedback (read: rumble) in the headset itself and in the PSVR2 Sense controllers, similar to what the PS5’s DualSense controller can do. That $550 gets you a headset, the controllers, and unspecified “stereo headphones,” per Sony’s blog post. That last bit is important because one thing the headset lacks is a built-in audio output source. There’s a headphone jack on the device, but no speakers like what the Meta Quest 2 has. Sony is also selling a $600 bundle that includes all of the above and the game Horizon: Call of the Mountain.


Speaking of games, Sony also revealed 11 new upcoming PSVR2 games to go along with the price announcement. These include Switchback, a new entry in the Dark Pictures horror anthology series, a collection of the Jurassic World Aftermath games, and an enhanced version of the popular city-builder Cities VR. The full list is as follows:

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

The Light Brigade

Cities VR: Enhanced Edition

Cosmonious High

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection

Pistol Whip VR

Zenith: The Last City

After the Fall


So, there you have it. PSVR2 is expensive, unsurprisingly, but at least it comes with headphones to alleviate the audio problem. Pricey or not, it should have plenty of technical advantages over something cheaper like the Quest 2, especially since it requires the horsepower of a PS5 to function. You’ll be able to see those benefits starting in February.


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