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Signing up for Microsoft 365 Family scores you a free $50 gift card at Amazon

Get $50 toward Amazon for free: As of Dec. 27, buying a year of Microsoft 365 Family at Amazon scores you a free $50 Amazon gift card. With the 12-month subscription going for $99.99, it’s an indirect savings of 50%.Every household has that list of core subscription services that are built into the budget without a second thought.If Microsoft 356 Family is on your list, renewing for the next year at Amazon could indirectly end up paying for a few months’ worth of Disney+ or Netflix. The yearly service, still $99.99 like it is on Microsoft’s website, comes with a free $50 Amazon gift card — a circuitous savings of 50% when you use that free $50 on another purchase. That savings could cover, say, a recurring streaming service fee for five or six months. (The gift card is a physical one that comes in the mail, so it can be a post-holiday surprise when you almost definitely forget that it was coming.)Microsoft 365 Family unlocks the big Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for six people, whether that’s a family with kids and parents who use them at school and work or a small business team. 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage is also included for editing and sharing files or photos with others on the account.The service doubles as parental control software. Access to the Microsoft Family Safety app gives users access to advanced safety features like location tracking, screen time limits, web and app content filters, and drive safety reports.images-1.fill_.size_256x161.v1672163284


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