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Save up to 48% on these stylish label makers with last-minute Amazon deals

Know someone who appreciates candy-colored office supplies? Check out these label maker deals, available as of Dec. 22 on Amazon:

OUR TOP PICK: The Niimbot B21 Inkless Label Maker is a candy-colored thermal label maker with 20+ fonts and 1000+ emoji to customize each creation — $52.79 $65.99 (save $13.20)

BEST CUSTOMIZABLE LABELS: The Phomemo D30 Label Maker is a fun, portable option with adorable prints and borders that you can use to customize every print — $27.37 $52.85 (save $25.48)

BEST BUDGET PICK: The Jadens Label Maker is an affordable, no-frills label printer that gets the job done quickly and efficiently — $23.99 $36.99 (save $13)

Guess what comes in cute colors now? If you’re a fan of instant cameras that come in dreamy pastels like the Fujifilm Instax line, you’re gonna want to get a load of these label makers or snap one up for a fun last-minute holiday gift. It’s true. Candy-colored office supplies are ten times better than regular ones. Sometimes, you just need a little pop to get you through your day, and if having a mint green label maker can do that for you, then you should buy that mint green label maker. Or a pink one. Or a purple one. As of Dec. 22, you can book it to Amazon to grab several different whimsical label makers, from the Phomemo D30 Label Maker for 48% off (just $27.37), to the budget-priced Jadens Label Maker for 35% off ($23.99).Not sure which one you should give as a last-minute gift and which you should keep for New Year’s organization resolutions? Shop our favorite picks on sale at Amazon.

Our top pick


Why we like it

The Niimbot B21 Inkless Label Maker is a color lover’s dream, with glossy black, pistachio green, and fire engine red hues to liven up any office. But it’s more than just a great-looking gadget. It comes packed with options, including over 20 fonts, 1000+ emoji, and 100+ borders to make the most fantastic labels possible. Plus, it’s quick, efficient, and syncs to a mobile app for fast label creation. It can also use a variety of different thermal label tapes, from clear to self-adhesive, so it can handle just about any job you throw at it in style.

Best customizable labels


Why we like it

The Phomemo D30 Label Maker is a perfectly portable gadget that comes in some absolutely darling colors like mint green, pink, lavender, and the other “normal” shades you’d expect, like black, gray, and white. It comes with various fun label templates, from adorable stickers that look great on your stuff to professional fare that you can use at the office. It slips into your pocket, boasts a lengthy battery life, and it comes with over 300 symbols, 60 frames, and several fonts to choose from.

Best budget pick


Why we like it

The Jadens Label Maker is a budget pick that still comes in fun colors: green, pink, white, and even a silly yellow with a duck on it. As far as options go, it also packs plenty of fonts, borders, and symbols, but it’s a no-frills option that’s more about printing quick and straightforward labels without having to spend too much time on each.


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