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Save $15 on AirPods Pro (2nd generation) right now

Save $15: As of Nov. 8, Amazon is offering a 6% price drop on the second generation AirPods Pro. They are now selling for $234, down from $249, which is their lowest price yet. We all know Apple makes some of the best earbud products, but their price tag mean they’re not usually something you buy on a whim. But if you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade your earbuds, now just might be the time to do it — and you can get the newest Apple model at its best price yet. The second generation AirPods Pro just came out in September, so while saving $15 isn’t groundbreaking, it’s the lowest price yet on a new product. Amazon is offering the new buds at a 6% price drop — less than the prices at Apple, Best Buy, or Walmart. With improved spatial audio and extended battery life, these AirPods Pro are a mild improvement compared to their 1st generation counterpart. Apple claims to have improved “active noise cancelation” to block out twice as much noise, and these earbuds include a new “adaptive transparency” feature, which is supposed to allow you to hear what’s going on around you while still blocking out busy sounds. However, according to our review of the new AirPods Pro, the mode doesn’t work as well as it could; turning the volume up or down changes not only the levels you hear from your own earbuds, but also the levels you hear from the outside, making conversations on the go more difficult than they should be.If you’re only looking for an AirPod upgrade, this might not be the deal for you. But if you’re ready to invest in the newest Apple earbuds, now is a good time to buy. images-1.fill_.size_199x256.v1667919610


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