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Relax with a lifetime of meditation, sleep tools, and more for $70

TL;DR: As of March 17, a lifetime subscription to is on sale for only $69.99 — that’s an 82% discount from the usual $399.There may be a lot to be stressed about, but there are some great coping skills you could practice to help you through it. Meditation may not make your budget woes fade away, but long-term studies of meditation have found it to be a useful way of reducing stress, and it’s just one of many mindful activities you could do to help improve your mental health. If you want a low-stakes way to get started, gives you access to 2,000+ mindful practices and meditations for just $69.99.

Sleep tools, meditations, and mindful guides on your phone 

Join over one million other users in taking practice steps toward mindful living. A subscription to gives you access to the full menu of 2,000+ mindful practices. That includes daily meditation led by professional instructors and expert guidance for beginners and experienced learners. If you’ve never tried meditation, guided breathing, or other mindful living practices, this is a way to have guidance through the whole process without needing to leave the comfort of your home. Not everyone has time for hours of introspection and calm meditation throughout the day. If you’re busy, choose from any of the super-short activities that can fit in a few spare moments throughout the day. Try a quick breathing exercise to calm down or a mini one-minute meditation session. If there’s one place where mental and physical health overlap, it’s in your sleep habits. Consistent, healthy sleep habits are critical for your health, but it’s easier said than done. Take advantage of 100+ sleep tools and drift off to the sound of rain, relaxing stories, or gentle thought exercises every night.

Take care of yourself on your own time 

Meditation and a good night’s sleep may not be able to solve your stress at work or fix the chill in your bedroom, but strong coping skills may make it easier to deal with your daily problems until you can fix them yourself. Get a lifetime subscription to on sale for $69.99 (reg. $399). Prices subject to change.images-1.fill_.size_256x106.v1678898534


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