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Page turn animation on Apple’s Books app is back in latest iOS beta

Page turning in Apple’s Books on iOS is about to get exciting again. OK, maybe “exciting” is a strong word. For some reason, Apple nixed the “curl” page turning animation in Books in iOS 16, which makes the virtual pages of the book actually curl as you flip them over. Instead, the pages simply slid to the left or right as you turned them, which somehow just doesn’t feel as cozy. But in the latest beta version of iOS – that’s iOS 16.4 Public Beta 2 – the “curl” page turning animation is back. In fact, now you have three possible ways to turn pages in Books: One is the old “curl” animation, the other is “slide,” which was the default and only option in iOS 16, and, finally, you can choose “none,” which removes any animation altogether from the page turning process. images-1.fill_.size_599x750.v1677754228 To pick an option, tap on your display while reading a book, tap on the menu button in the lower right corner, choose “Themse & Settings,” and from there tap the page turn icon and select the animation you desire.


We have, of course, selected “curl,” but you can choose one of the inferior options if you like. No pressure. Another requirement to get this feature before it becomes a part of a final iOS release is to sign up for Apple’s Beta Software Program, which you can do here.


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