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OnePlus officially announces OnePlus Pad, shares tablet’s design details

It wasn’t very hard to guess given the teasers, but now it’s official: On February 7, OnePlus is launching its first-ever tablet, the OnePlus Pad. In a blog post on its site, OnePlus shared some details about the upcoming device, which will be revealed during the company’s “Cloud 11” event in New Delhi. The OnePlus Pad will have an aluminum alloy frame and a camera that’s centered on the back of the device, making it more useful when using the tablet horizontally (previous rumors have shown us that the front camera will also be positioned on the side to make the tablet easier to use in landscape mode). OnePlus also said the OnePlus Pad will have an ergonomically-designed, cambered frame, which will allow users to “hold the tablet comfortably for an extended period of time without fatigue.”


Finally, the tablet will be available in OnePlus’ new shade of green called the “Halo Green.”OnePlus didn’t share any additional details about the tablet’s specs, but rumors say it will have an 11.6-inch display, making it slightly larger than Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro. On Feb. 7, OnePlus will also launch its new smartphone flagship, the OnePlus 11, as well as the new OnePlus Buds Pro 2, and the company shared some images showing the design of both devices up close. images-1.fill_.size_2000x1331.v1675068265 OnePlus 11 isn’t exactly new, though, as it launched last month in China. The launch of the OnePlus Pad is especially notable as it wasn’t part of the China launch, and it’s the first-ever tablet to come from OnePlus.


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