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Looking to manage your home’s tech? Multiple Echo Dot discounts are live on Amazon

Multiple Echo Dot models are on sale at Amazon on Dec. 6 for discounts up to $60, with free Sengled smart bulbs bundled in.

BEST OVERALL DEAL: The Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen with Clock (and Free Sengled Bluetooth Color Bulb) is the most complete product on this list — $39.99 $74.98 (Save $34.99)

BEST BUDGET DEAL: The Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen (with Free Sengled Bluetooth Color Bulb) has nearly all the same features as its clock variant, and it hardly puts a dent in your pocket —$27.99 $64.98 (Save $36.99)

BEST ECHO DOT 4TH GENERATION DEAL: You could claim a 47% discount on the Echo Dot 4th Generation (with Free Sengled Bluetooth Color Bulb) — $59.99 $114.98 (Save $54.99)

While managing the vast amount of electronic equipment in a home can require tremendous effort, having a smart speaker can help you to control the smart devices around you effortlessly. Amazon’s Echo Dot models have gained in popularity in the last few years thanks to their compactness and ability to enhance your life. Deals are now being offered on the 4th and 5th Generation Echo Dot, and to make things interesting free Sengled smart bulbs have been bundled in with these smart speakers.

Best Overall Deal


Why we like it

The 5th-Generation Echo Dot provides improved sound quality over its predecessor, thanks to its larger 1.73-inch speaker. The latest Dot also comes with an additional sensor for temperature tracking, which can be connected to Alexa Routines for automated temperature adjustments. Those who are living in large homes or are searching for smart speakers at the workplace will also benefit from the built-in Eero compatibility, which allows you to extend the WiFi system’s range up to 1,000 sq ft with high-speed connectivity. (An Eero WiFi router will be needed for this to work). An additional feature that sets this apart from the standard 5th-Generation is an LED display on the front that can display elements such as the time, weather, as well as media titles.

Best Budget Deal


Why we like it

The standard version of the 5th-Generation Echo Dot is just $3 more than its lowest-ever price. However, it arrives with a free Sengled smart bulb that is approximately $10, making it the best-ever deal on this product. The color-changing bulb has a brightness of 800 lumens, and it can be controlled via the Echo speaker to adjust its brightness and color for parties or to turn it on or off. The speaker is also compatible with other smart devices such as the Amazon Nest thermostat for automated temperature adjustments and with the Amazon Blink Mini for another layer of security management. If the missing LED display is no biggie, then now is the best time to claim this as yours.

Best Echo Dot 4th Generation Deal


Why we like it

While not as advanced as its 5th-Gen version, the 4th Generation Echo Dot is not redundant by any means. It carries a 1.6-inch front-firing speaker with decent sound quality, and apart from the missing temperature sensor, it can carry out all the expected functions. These include pairing it with a compatible Fire TV device for better audio, turning off smart light bulbs when not in use, and playing synchronized tunes across multiple Echo devices, which is especially useful during large-scale events. The product is at its lowest-ever price even without the free smart color bulb, so better clinch it while the offer stands.


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