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LG’s C1 OLED 4K TV is at its best price ever with the release of the new C2 series

Save $803: If you need a new TV, try something that’s a little “older.” As of Nov. 25, the 2021 LG OLED C1 65-inch TV is at its best price ever of $1,646.99 after a 34% discount at Amazon.Early adopters of the latest tech are happy to see the release of the brand new LG OLED Evo C2 TV. But while they pay top dollar for the latest technology, the rest of us know that means the previous model that boasts plenty of power is now up for some major price cuts. Create a premium home theater with the LG OLED C1 65-inch TV on sale for just $1,646.99 at Amazon. This marks its lowest price ever thanks to a 34% discount. It just goes to show that a little patience means a great deal on one of our favorite 4K TVs. The LG C1 offers exceptional quality no matter what type the content format. For all movies and TV shows, you’ll enjoy high-quality images on the OLED display that allows for each of the 8 million pixels to switch on and off independently. That allows for over a billion colors and photorealistic pictures on top of an infinite contrast ratio for nearly perfect blacks. And since it offers wide viewing angles and fast response times, it’s a great TV for watching sports with a larger group.But you’ll also soon realize why the LG C1 also made our list of the best gaming TVs. On top of the fast response times, it features a built-in game optimizer to make settings more convenient to access at any time. And all four of its HDMI inputs meet the new 2.1 specifications for faster data speeds with the latest consoles so you can enjoy the full 120Hz gaming experience.Don’t let the 2021 designation fool you. The LG C1 OLED TV is ready to offer the latest technology all at a new low price of $1,646.99. images-1.fill_.size_256x154.v1649781763


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