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Level up your game with these Samsung monitor deals

Smart gaming monitors are a great addition to your desktop and/or gaming setup. As of March 24, they’re also being sold at hefty discounts on Amazon.

BEST BUDGET GAMING MONITOR: The Samsung T35F FHD monitor (27-inch) offers a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 and crisp image contrast. $139.99 $219.99 (save $80)

BEST 27-INCH FHD SMART MONITOR: The Samsung M50B series FHD smart monitor (27-inch) includes Workmode, which lets you work on projects and have fun. $209.99 $279.99 (save $70)

BEST OVERALL DEAL: The Samsung M50B series FHD smart monitor (32-inch) streamlines all your apps for more productive work and play. $209.99 $299.99 (save $90)

Best Budget Gaming Monitor


Why we like it

The Samsung T35F FHD monitor (27-inch) has a 75 Hz refresh rate, which allows you to get more seamless transmission between scenes. This enables viewers to see more details during games, TV shows, and movies. Typically sold at $219.99, this monitor is now being offered at only $139.99, which saves you $80. The IPS panel makes sure colors pop so you can spot any potential video game threats and rivals. See clear images from any angle thanks to borderless imaging. AMD Radeon FreeSync ensures your graphics card and monitor stay in sync and prevents lapses between images. This deal was made for observant gamers on a budget, all without sacrificing quality.

Best 27-inch FHD Smart Monitor


Why we like it

The Samsung M50B series FHD smart monitor (27-inch) connects directly to WiFi. This lets you connect to your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, Samsung TV Plus, and much more. It also includes a built-in detachable slimfit camera so you can capture your best angles during calls. You can cover or remove it from the monitor for more privacy. AirPlay integration lets you connect Apple apps to your monitor, allowing you to enjoy them in a bigger format. Adaptive Picture lets you see clear images even during daylight — glare will not take you down.

Best Overall Deal


Why we like it

The Samsung M50B series FHD smart monitor (32-inch) is $90 off, thanks to this Amazon deal. Its 1080 pixel resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate, and adaptative picture features ensure clear images and contrast. You won’t miss important details in your favorite games, videos, or during calls. Use your monitor for video calls thanks to the detachable slimfit camera. This monitor allows you to stay connected to everything important to you. Plus, you can use this monitor as a smart hub thanks to IoT. Connect any IoT-compatible devices with SmartThings, and use this monitor to adjust the temperature, adjust blinds, and adjust lights with smart home devices.


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