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Learn 24 languages from Rosetta Stone with this discounted lifetime subscription

TL;DR: As of March 15, you can secure a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone for just $161.64 with the coupon code VACATION15. That’s a 46% discount.Whether you’re planning a globe-trotting vacation or just want to challenge yourself, learning a new language is a fun way to keep yourself sharp that also gives you a tool to connect with more people. If you’re still deciding what language you want to learn, go with a teacher that gives you options. Rosetta Stone has 24 languages to teach, and you can get a lifetime subscription to learn them all for $161.64 with coupon code VACATION15. 

Learn up to 24 languages

Rosetta stone has been around since 1992, and in that time, they’ve developed some really exciting ways to make language instruction fun and accessible. It’s not just rote memorization. Start studying bite-sized language lessons in French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and more. Practice your conversational skills with common phrases and situations like shopping, ordering a meal, taking a taxi, and other things you might do while you’re exploring another country. You can even get help from Rosetta Stone’s speech-recognition technology and work toward less-accented speech. There’s something to learn for beginners and advanced speakers. If you really want to test your pronunciation, you can use the speech engine to compare your accent to native speakers. You can only learn one language at a time, but a lifetime subscription should give you plenty of time to explore other languages. All you need to start studying is a desktop or mobile device, or both. You can access your Rosetta Stone account on multiple devices, so you can always get a little language lesson in during your break at work or on the bus. 

Get a lifetime of language learning from Rosetta Stone 

Here’s your chance to pick up a subscription to this award-winning language learning software. Get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone on sale for $161.64 (reg. $299) with coupon code VACATION15. Prices subject to change. 


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