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Knock 69% off the price of these open-ear headphones

TL;DR: As of Dec. 24, you can get a pair of Open Ear Induction Headphones for just $33.99 instead of $109.95 — that’s a savings of 69%.Winter is here, and for many, that means snow and a whole lot of cold. If you want to comfortably listen to music through the snowy season, you might want to try headphones that aren’t at risk of dying from a bit of water. These Open Ear Induction Headphones are waterproof, and they’re on sale for $33.99 (reg. $109). 

Waterproof headphones for winter 

Induction headphones are a different kind of listening experience. They transmit the sound directly to your eardrum, so you can keep playing your music, even in a loud area. It may look pretty, but snow is basically one big long-lasting puddle. Drop a pair of earbuds in that, and they might break if they aren’t waterproof. These induction headphones are IPX6 waterproof, so they can withstand strong jets of water. A little snow likely won’t bother them. There are a few unique benefits to open-ear headphones. Earmuffs may not be comfortable with earbuds in, but these open-ear headphones might work just fine. If you’re walking in a busy area, it might be a good idea to keep your situational awareness. Open-ear headphones let you listen to music without blocking the sounds around you.On a single charge, these headphones could last for up to six hours of continuous listening. They may not come with a charging case like wireless earbuds, but that’s still a long battery life, and the charging cable is included with your purchase. 

Save on a pair of induction headphones

Enjoy the snow without worrying about getting your headphones wet or not being able to hear your surroundings at all. For a limited time, get a pair of Open Ear Induction Stereo Wireless Headphones for $33.99 (reg. $109). Prices subject to change.images-1.fill_.size_256x192.v1671639312


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