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Keep your computer safe with these antivirus deals

Antivirus protection is like a digital fortress. It can help you avoid malware, spyware, and viruses that can slow you down. As of March 9, there are great deals on McAfee and Norton antivirus software for all of your devices. Here are your best bets:

BEST AMAZON EXCLUSIVE: McAfee Total Protection 2023 includes virus protection, VPN, and dark web monitoring for up to five devices. $22.99 $109.99 (save $87)

BEST FOR FAMILIES: Norton 360 Platinum (20 devices) sells a package that protects up to 20 devices — perfect for families (especially those with teens). $39.99 $129.99 (save $90)

BEST 5-DEVICE DEAL: Norton 360 Platinum (5 devices) delivers malware and virus protection for up to five devices. $24.99 $89.99 (save $65)

Best Amazon Exclusive


Why we like it

McAfee Total Protection offers some of the best virus protection benefits for the price of only $22.99, down from its usual price of $109.99 for a 1-year subscription. Not only that, but Amazon has partnered with McAfee to provide antivirus software for up to five devices with one house call for expert installation advice. The software also safeguards your identity and monitors up to 10 emails on the dark web. You’ll also get to use a VPN so you can shop and check your bank accounts with additional privacy. Should you decide to make this purchase, you can choose from delivery via key card or download code.

Best For Families


Why we like it

If you need virus protection for your family or small business, look no further than Norton 360 Platinum’s 20-device deal, which offers protection for up to 3 months. This software protects against malware, ransomware, and other digital threats that could promise your device’s functions and security. In order to maintain protection, you must enter payment information prior to installation. The plan auto-renews, but you can cancel it in your Norton account’s settings. The plan also includes dark web monitoring as well as alerts if any of your information may show up there.Note: Norton plans start at $59.99 per year for one device. See their other prices here.

Best 5-Device Deal


Why we like it

The same protection for 20 devices is also available for up to five devices. For only $24.99, you’ll get a VPN, virus protection, dark web monitoring, and 25GB of secure cloud backup for your most important files for three months. After this, your plan will renew, and you can change your settings, plan, or unsubscribe through your Norton account settings. You get all this for $65 off the regular price of $89.99.

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Norton 360 Plus (3 devices) $19.99 $74.99 (save $55)

McAfee Total Protection 2023 (3 devices) $24.99 $94.99 (save $70)

McAfee Total Protection 2023 (1 device) $19.99 $84.99 (save $65)

Norton 360 Plus (1 device) $14.99 $49.99 (save $35)


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