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How to get access to GPT-4 right now

Generative AI giant OpenAI unleashed its newest product on the world Tuesday. GPT-4, the next-generation large language model, a step up from the one that took the world by storm in the form of ChatGPT, is out.But unlike with ChatGPT’s launch last November, this isn’t just a web app anyone can try out for free.

What is GPT-4?

If you’re confused as to how we got to number 4 already, given that ChatGPT just came out late last year, a bit of clarity first: OpenAI has been releasing GPT language models since 2018. GPT-3, the third such release, was the most advanced model when ChatGPT, its chatbot product was released in 2022. GPT-4 is the latest and most powerful large language model from Open AI, but currently, if you only have free access to ChatGPT, you’ll still be interacting with the GPT-3 model.

How can I access GPT-4 with ChatGPT+?

If you want to generate text freely with the GPT-4 model, you will need a paid subscription to ChatGPT+, the premium version of ChatGPT. Here’s how to get that: images-3.fill_.size_2000x1070.v1678820432 As OpenAI’s announcement page for GPT-4 makes clear, GPT-4 is the model being used by ChatGPT, but only if you’re a premium member with access to ChatGPT+ (sometimes styled “ChatGPT Plus”). If you’re logged into your OpenAI account, the button on that page will take you directly to ChatGPT, and if you’re a paying ChatGPT+ user, that’s that. Have fun! If, however, you’re using a free membership, you’ll need to upgrade. Click the “Upgrade to Plus” button in the left menu.images-1.fill_.size_2000x1776.v1678820432 You’ll then be served a popup, informing you about the virtues of the “Plus” upgrade.images-4.fill_.size_2000x1053.v1678820432 The green “Upgrade Plan” button will whisk you to a standard e-commerce sales page, where you’ll need to input the usual information, and cough up $20 per month. images-2.fill_.size_2000x948.v1678820432 Once you’re a paying customer, your access to the new model via ChatGPT will be immediate. No waitlist for you.

How to access GPT-4 for free

You can’t currently access GPT-4 with the free version of ChatGPT. Millions of Bing users, however, can already access the new Bing chatbot. If you’re in that select group, Microsoft has confirmed that GPT-4 is already powering your chatbot interactions.And soon, you may soon have no choice but to use GPT-4 in your everyday life, because according to OpenAI’s blog post about its uses, GPT-4 is already being put to use by clients as diverse as Khan Academy, Stripe, Morgan Stanley, and the government of Iceland. In other words, there’s a good chance you’re going to be interacting with GPT-4 soon, whether you like it or not.


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