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Hear how to find a co-founder on TechCrunch Live

Register Here They know this topic well. Tanis Jorge co-founded Trulioo, and now runs The Cofounder’s Hub, a service dedicated to helping founders identify their needs and find a co-founder who works best in that situation. David Blumberg, of Blumberg Capital, was one of Trulioo’s first investors and put money in at every round, including Trulioo’s $394 million Series D. I’m excited to host this conversation around internal partnerships. The importance of the co-founder is often understated. A good co-founder should offer complementary skills — maybe you’re good at coding but need help with business management. Or perhaps a good co-founder fit is someone who can help manage the emotional baggage that comes with starting a venture. And there’s no better accountability partner than someone who helped found the company. David brings a unique perspective to the conversation too. As a prolific investor, he can speak to the VC’s point of view of having multiple founding partners in a startup. VCs often view companies with complementary co-founders as being less risky and more likely to succeed. I also want to ask him about his role as a VC in helping promising entrepreneurs find a co-founder. I hope you can join this event on March 1. It will be great, and I’m looking to the audience to help ask some of the questions through Hopin’s Q&A function. Hear how to find a co-founder on TechCrunch Live by Matt Burns originally published on TechCrunch


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