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Halo’s SleepSure, a baby wearable to keep an eye on the little one

20230104-IMG_2449 The company claims it is the first smart monitor that lets parents customize alerts to deliver the information they find most helpful through their baby’s developmental stages. These alerts, combined with the historical sleep data SleepSure records, provide valuable insights so parents or caregivers can adjust their baby’s environment for more optimal sleep. “Our deep expertise in the sleep category has allowed us to really understand parents’ everyday struggles when it comes to helping their baby sleep.” says Halo CEO Doug Gillespie. “For example, when we surveyed our parent testers, a big concern for everyone was their baby getting warm or cold during sleep. SleepSure’s skin temperature measurement is designed to directly address this universal pain point and make it easier for parents to understand how to help their baby.” SleepSure is designed for babies 0 to 18 months, and costs around $250. It includes a wearable monitor with three differently-sized fabric bands so a growing baby can keep wearing it. There’s also a base station and a Halo app which – refreshingly enough – doesn’t require an additional subscription. The company expects to start shipping to customers ordering from its website by the end of the month, and available more widely in the next couple of months. ces-2023-banner-33 Halo’s SleepSure, a baby wearable to keep an eye on the little one by Haje Jan Kamps originally published on TechCrunch


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