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Grab an Echo Dot for half off at Amazon

SAVE 50%: As of Tuesday, Feb. 28, the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd-gen) is on sale at Amazon for 50% off its original price of $39.99, retailing at $19.99. That’s a savings of $20.If you want a top speaker at an affordable price, consider the Amazon Echo Dot: It’s a versatile, small, and unobtrusive way to automate smart home commands, interact with Alexa, listen to music, and more. It’s compact enough to stay out of the way, but loud enough to make it a viable audio hub for smaller homes. And right now, the third-gen model is on sale at Amazon for 50% off.At less than $20, you’ll get one of the most popular smart speakers around. Alexa can help with all sorts of hands-free tasks, tell you the news and weather, make a shopping list, or sync with other smart devices in your home. She’ll even pass the time with casual conversation if you need someone to talk with.And of course, the access to all kinds of music and audio entertainment you get with the Amazon Echo Dot is unparalleled. If you’re sick of listening to the same radio playlists, the Echo Dot allows you to stream from apps that include Audible, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. That’s a whole lot of listening to enjoy at home, and you can even make personalized playlists if you like.For those with limited counter space, this option is a solid choice for great speakers, smart control, and a huge music library all at an easy price point.


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