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Grab a new laptop for school with this discounted refurbished MacBook

TL;DR: As of September 17, you can get the Refurbished MacBook Air 11.6-inch for just $449.99 instead of $999 — that’s a 54% discount.The laptop you use for schoolwork doesn’t have to be your most advanced piece of technology. If it can run the apps you need, browse the internet, and has a long battery life, you likely have everything you need. Buying refurbished is an affordable way to get the tech you need for a great price. This refurbished Apple MacBook Air could be a convenient school laptop, and it’s just $449.99 (Reg. $999).

Grab a new-to-you laptop for school 

Refurbished and ready for a wide variety of work, this MacBook Air has a whole lot of potential. The 1.4GHz dual-core Intel i5 processor, paired with 4GB RAM, provides room for apps and more. You also get plenty of local storage with 128GB PCE-based flash storage. Prefer doing homework long into the night? The full-sized backlit keyboard may be a nice, practical addition. That and the 11.6-inch backlit display could bring some light to your night shift, even if you spend some of it watching documentaries instead of working. One benefit to this computer being an older mode; is that it still has multiple options for connecting devices and transferring data. Those include an analog audio port, a thunderbolt port, and two USB 3.0 ports. This MacBook may be the 2014 model, but in this case, that actually means you likely have more ports on your computer than newer models!On one charge, you could get up to nine hours of work time out of your MacBook’s battery. Spend those nine hours working in one place, or grab your computer and hit the road. Weighing just a little over two pounds, this MacBook could be useful on the go. 

See how much work you can get from a refurbished MacBook

Looking for an affordable laptop to use at school? Get a refurbished MacBook Air 11.6-inch on sale for $449.99 (Reg. $999). Prices subject to change.


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