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Google’s new Pixel update brings new features like clear calling and Google One VPN

Here’s the summary of all the features included in this announcement.

Exclusive Pixel 7 and 7 Pro features

During the Pixel 7 series launch, Google said that folks buying the new devices would get access to VPN included in Google One subscriptions at no cost. With the latest update, that feature will become available to the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro owners. If you are a user of the company’s latest flagship phone, Google is also introducing its clear calling feature. It will reduce background noise and enhance your voice so the person on the other side of the call can hear you better. Missing Attachment The latest update brings speaker labels to the Recorder app that will automatically assign labels to multiple people in the recording. What’s more, the app will introduce a line break whenever the speaker changes in transcriptions. Journalists and interviewers will be pretty happy with this feature. Professional transcription tools like offers this service, but it’s a good feature to have on your phone. Hopefully, Google introduces this feature to other Pixel devices too. Missing Attachment

Features for all Pixel phones

Google is introducing a new hub so that you can easily access your privacy and security settings. It includes shortcuts to the app security feature, screen lock settings, Find My Device, and Google Security Checkup. The hub will show you action cards if any of your accounts are at risk and suggest steps to bolster security for them. Missing Attachment The update has a bunch of new wallpapers to celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities. Pixel devices are finally getting a Spatial Audio update if you pair your phone with the Pixel Buds Pro. Google says this pairing enables head tracking for an immersive experience. But you’ll have to wait until January to get it.

Pixel Watch updates

Pixel Watch owners are getting a Fitbit Premium feature even if they are not Fitbit Premium subscribers: Sleep Profiles. This function tracks 10 different things like sleep duration, disruptions, and bedtime consistency to analyze your sleep. It also assigns you a cute animal based on your sleep patterns if you wore the Pixel Watch for 14 nights in November. Missing Attachment Google’s new Watch is also getting Tiles for weather and favorite contacts — Tiles are widget-like screens that give you information at a glance. These Tiles were also a part of the company’s December feature release for Android. The search giant has also promised that the Pixel Watch will get a fall detection feature next year. Once triggered, the watch will contact emergency services if it detects that you are unresponsive. Notably, the Apple Watch has had this feature since the Series 4 model. These features will roll out to the Pixel watch and Pixel phones (for Pixel 4a and above) through over-the-air updates starting today. Google’s new Pixel update brings new features like clear calling and Google One VPN by Ivan Mehta originally published on TechCrunch


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