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Get a sleek MagSafe-compatible wireless charger for iPhone and Android for $48

TL;DR: As of Dec. 22, you can snag the Speedy Mag wireless charger for just $48.99 instead of $119 — that’s 59% in savings.Carrying a phone charger at all times isn’t exactly convenient. Its cable may not take up much space, but it can still get tangled, and you still need an outlet to use it. On the other hand, the Speedy Mag is a compact, portable wireless charger compatible with iPhones and Androids, and it’s only $48.99 (reg. $119). 

Carry a fast wireless charger anywhere you go 

This charger has a simple, sleek look that pairs with iPhones 12 and newer. Simply attach it to the back of your iPhone to charge on the go. Older phones won’t connect magnetically, but they can still quickly charge without cables. And with its thin design, you may barely notice the charger hanging off your iPhone. Plus, the Speedy Mag features a display illustrating how much battery life it has left.The Speedy Mag is compatible with iPhones 8 or newer, Qi-enabled Androids, and wireless earbuds. Just set your phone down on the charging base in any orientation as long as the back is connected. The power bank offers built-in overcharge protection, and while iOS devices have their own protections, the redundancy might be comforting for something as expensive as a new phone.Having a charger always on hand may even help your phone’s battery last longer. Lithium-ion batteries may last longer if you don’t fully deplete them. If you see the battery getting low on your Android or iPhone, pop it on your quick charger and get that battery back up to 100%. 

Save on a convenient wireless charger for iPhone and Android 

This MagSafe-compatible wireless charger could be your new favorite everyday convenience, and it might even help your battery last longer if you use it right. For a limited time, get the Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for $48.99 (reg. $119). Prices subject to change.


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