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Get a pair of earbuds that can translate up to 50 languages for 28% off

TL;DR: As of Dec. 6, you can get a pair of Peiko Generation 2 Wireless Translator Earbuds for just $89.95 instead of $125 — that’s a 28% discount.There are some great apps for learning a language out there, but all of them require a lot of time and effort to study. It’s a great way to become fluent, but if you’re pressed for time, you might need a faster method. Luckily, that doesn’t mean being glued to a dictionary or struggling with Google Translate. Instead, you could try a translator you can wear. Peiko Generation Two Wireless Translator Earbuds can record and translate up to 50 different languages, and you can get a pair while they’re marked down to $89.95. 

Earbuds that translate for you 

Whether you’re traveling for work or on vacation, you might have a better experience if you can actually talk to people in their own language. Whether it’s French, German, Italian, Spanish, or a whole world of other languages, these earbuds could help you stay connected. At work, a streamlined translation process opens up the door for less stilted interactions with international clients and partners. No need to filter everything through someone who knows both your languages when you can just speak to them directly, and that’s exactly what you can do with these translation earbuds. Choose from face-to-face or group translation modes, and start talking. When you speak, your words will be translated into your selected language, displayed on your phone, and read aloud. When another person speaks, it will display on your phone and a translation will play in your earbud. Group chat works similarly. Just open up the app, select a group translation and the language you want to translate to. As others speak, your earbuds will play a translation for you. With the included charging case, you could get up to 10 hours of listening from your earbuds. 

Earbuds that understand 50 different languages 

If you don’t have time to learn a new language or you’re still in the process of learning, there’s still a way for you to communicate. Get a pair of Peiko Generation 2 Wireless Translator Earbuds for $89.95 (reg. $125). Prices subject to change.


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