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Get 91% off this salon-quality hair dryer

TL;DR: Snag the Fenne Hair Dryer on sale for just $29.99 instead of its usual $350 as of Nov. 7. That’s a total savings of 91%.The quality of your blow dryer can determine how much of the rest of your hair day goes. If your hair dryer doesn’t let you change speeds, you might end up with frizzy or greasy hair, depending on your hair texture. If you want a salon-quality blow dryer that lets you adjust for your hair type, try the Fenne Hair Dryer for just $29.99 (reg. $350). 

A salon-quality hair dryer with two attachments 

The Fenne hair dryer has three speed settings that you can adjust based on your hair type. For example, fine hair dries well at a medium speed, and if your hair has a natural curl, you could pop on the diffuser nozzle to give it some lift and volume. If you need to focus on one area, you could attach the concentrator, letting you comb through your hair as you dry. If you’re used to big, bulky blow dryers, the Fenne might be a welcome change. This compact hair dryer is lightweight and easy to travel with. It has a 2.75-meter power cord, so you won’t be stuck next to an outlet while you dry your hair. If you’re traveling for the holidays, that extra bit of maneuverability might make cramped or shared living quarters a little easier to deal with. If you know someone struggling to get their hair under control, a blow dryer with more options might be a welcome change to their routine. At this low price, you can purchase a Fenne for yourself and gift one to a family member.  

A travel-sized hair dryer with excellent results 

Upgrade your hair dryer and see the results for yourself. For a limited time, get the Fenne Hair Dryer for $29.99 or 91 percent off. Prices subject to change.images-1.fill_.size_256x192.v1667574606


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