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Get 15TB of lifetime cloud storage for under £150

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan (15TB) is on sale for £131.69, saving you 96% on list price.How often does your phone tell you it’s almost out of space? What about your computer? Instead of having a grand purge of old files, photos, and apps, you may be able to keep what you want to save without bloating your devices. Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan gives you 15TB of cloud storage accessible on an unlimited number of devices, and it’s just £131.69 for a lifetime subscription. Degoo Premium gives you a 15TB cloud secure cloud storage. If you have thousands of pictures spread between your old phones and tablets, all you need is a WiFi signal to access Degoo and put the files and photos you want to save in one convenient hub. And when you upload, Degoo just takes a copy, so even if something goes wrong during the transfer process, you should still have the original file on your device. You can copy over multiple files at once with a limit of 20GB per upload. So if you’ve got a massive video library, you may have to slow down and copy a few files over at a time. If you use the Android app, you could even keep your storage uploaded automatically using the file change detection feature. If Degoo notices a change in a selected file, it will automatically update the backup. Uploaded files are protected by a 256-bit AES encryption, but they’re still shareable using your email or by linking to a messaging app. If you like to peruse your photos and reminisce, you may also enjoy Degoo’s AI photo curation which may help you rediscover some of your favorite old photos. Free up some space without losing your files by uploading them to your own cloud storage. For a limited time, get a lifetime Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan for £131.69.images-1.fit_lim.size_256x-8


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