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Discovery+ brings the offline download feature to the US

This move comes after the company tested this feature with users in Brazil. Discovery+ mentioned that the service has more than 58,000 episodes — including popular shows “House of Hammer,” “Fixer Upper,” and “90 Day Fiancé” — that are eligible for downloads. Users with the ad-free plan will see a “Download” button next to the content title. They can also choose the quality of the download and whether to download it over Wi-FI or cellular data. Discovery+ noted that the downloaded title will live on the device for 30 days in the unplayed state or 48 hours after you hit the play button. Plus, you can renew the title download once you’re online after it expires. The company is not putting any geo-restriction on the downloaded content. So if you are visiting another country, you can watch it if you are offline. The app will default to the downloads section when a user is offline. Warner Bros. Discovery is set to merge HBO Max and Discovery+ services into one app next year. But until then, Discovery+ users will get to enjoy this feature that was missing for the longest time. Competitors like YouTube and Netflix have had an offline viewing option for years. While Discovery+ launched just last year, it’s a feature that streaming service users have come to expect. Discovery+ brings the offline download feature to the US by Ivan Mehta originally published on TechCrunch


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