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Convert vinyl to digital with this $160 USB turntable

TL;DR: As of March 25, you can get the Gemini TT-1100USB Belt Drive Turntable on sale for $159.99 instead of $169.95.Collecting vinyl doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby, or even a retro one. You can get a high-quality modern turntable for pretty cheap now, and some of them even come with some cool advanced features an older model just can’t match. The Gemini TT-1100USB Belt Drive Turntable lets you play music in its classic form or convert it to digital so you can keep it safe forever, and it only costs $159.99. 

Digitize your record collection 

Grab your favorite original pressing and some speakers and listen to tunes the old-fashioned way. This club-style turntable has a sleek build and a precision aluminum tonearm that helps keep your music from sounding shaky. Add in the +/-10% variable pitch slider and you’ve got crystal-clear sound that you can customize at will. Play 33.3, 45, and 78 RPM records without switching turntables. And if you want to keep the unique sound of your favorite pressings, you can convert them to digital as you play. Use the included USB cable to connect your PC or Mac and create digital recordings of your whole vinyl collection. As unique and special as it can feel to put on a record, vinyl isn’t exactly the most durable material in the world. The master copies of entire albums from famous musicians were lost in a 2008 fire, but you can keep digital copies safe forever without harming the actual vinyl they’re pulled from. Put your old 45s on a 64GB flash drive, or just keep them in your phone to listen to whenever you want. All you need are some speakers and a song to get this all-in-one turntable playing. Plug in your trusty wired speakers or hook up your headphones and enjoy. 

Put your old records in your playlist 

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just getting into the hobby, now you can turn all your vinyl into digital audio files to listen to on the go. For a limited time, you can get the Gemini TT-1100USB Belt Drive Turntable on sale for the best price online, only $159.99 (Reg. $169). Prices subject to change.images-1.fill_.size_256x192.v1679587354


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