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Clean out your Mac with this heavily discounted optimisation tool

TL;DR: A one-year subscription to the CleanMyMac X Optimization Tool is on sale for £20.78, saving you 37% on list price.If spring cleaning is for dusting and ushering in the new year with a clean home, then winter cleaning can be the same thing for your computer. All those half-downloaded apps, duplicate files, and bloated caches don’t just disappear on their own. You might be able to find everything manually, or you could employ a service that does it for you while also working to speed up your computer and protect it from harm. The CleanMyMac X Optimisation Tool could help you declutter your Mac and get it running like it used to, and a one-year subscription is on sale for the best price online.CleanMyMac has four main features for your computer: it cleans your files, optimises your setup, protects you from malware, and manages your apps. All of these are completely under your control, so no files will disappear unless you set it up that way. Your incomplete downloads and duplicate files aren’t doing your Mac’s limited local storage any favours. When you pause a download part-way through, the files don’t just disappear. They’re either clogging your downloads folder or bloating your cache. CleanMyMac lets you get rid of them with a few clicks. Macs can get malware. You may have heard the rumour that they can’t for a variety of reasons, but they can, and Mac users should be proactive about protecting their devices and networks. Not all malware is obvious once it’s on your computer, but CleanMyMac can run a scan and help keep your computer clean. Reboot your computer and see how long before it’s running as it should. One common thing slowing down Macs and Windows machines is having too many programs that start when your computer reboots. Optimise your apps and get recommendations for what you should keep and what’s slowing your computer down when you use CleanMyMac’s Application Manager. Go into the new year with a clean computer that’s as ready as you are for the work to come. Get a one-year subscription to CleanMyMac for one computer for £20.78.images-1.fill_.size_256x192.v1669714150


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