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Charge devices anywhere safely with an anti-hacking adapter for $15

TL;DR: Snag a USB Anti-Data Hacker Charging Adapter for just $14.99 as of March 13 instead of $39.99. That’s a 62% discount.When you’re using a public USB port and want to make sure your files are cyber-secure, having peace of mind when it comes to your personal data is important in the digital world we all live in today. Between credit cards you use when you shop online, banking info, and more, you want to be sure you can keep all of it safe and sound in no one else’s hands but yours. A great way to keep your sensitive information safe while also powering up your computer is with a tool that can do both.Enter the USB Anti-Data Hacker Charging Adapter. When you’re low on battery in an inconvenient place like an airport and in need of charging your devices, this handy little gadget can help. It’s on sale for just $14.99, at 62% off the usual price for a limited time. It’s small and super lightweight, so it’s easy to bring along with you every day — especially places where you’ll be away from home for long periods of time and in need of a charge. It’s universally compatible and can tag along anywhere.If you’re traveling by airplane or train, commuting to work, or closing out your day in a restaurant, chances are there are times you’re going to need to plug in your phone. And while you can be prepared and remember to bring your USB cable, the USB Anti-Data Hacker Charging Adapter lets you take one more step towards protecting yourself. This anti-hacking adapter helps to ease the concern of data being stolen from your computer, as it claims to physically block the data transfer.Power up your devices anywhere without worry. Normally $39, you can get the USB Anti-Data Hacker Charging Adapter on sale for just $14.99 for a limited time. Prices subject to change.images-1.fill_.size_256x192.v1678469886


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