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Capture a once-in-a-lifetime shot using these binoculars with a built-in camera

TL;DR: As of Oct. 17, you can get a pair of HD Digital Camera Binoculars for just $129.95 instead of $199.99 — that’s a 35% discount.Whether you’re birdwatching, hunting, or taking in the scenery, a pair of binoculars can add a lot to many outdoor excursions. However, if you see something interesting through your binoculars, all you can do is look. You could reach for a camera, but it may not have as powerful a zoom, or the moment may have passed. If you want to capture what you see through your binoculars, then try these HD Digital Camera Binoculars. The camera is built right in, so there’s no gap between when you see something and when you snap a picture of it. For a limited time, these camera binoculars are on sale for $129.95 (reg. $199). 

A video camera and binoculars in one durable gadget

If you’re camping in the mountains, you may not want to take your $1,200 camera with its $500 lens along for the ride. These rugged binoculars are ready for the outdoors, but they’re still a premium piece of equipment. Waterproof, anti-fog, anti-dust, and anti-shock, you shouldn’t have to worry about how messy things get. Crawl through the mud if you have to, but you’ll still be able to enjoy 12X magnification with an adjustable view. And if you see something interesting, these binoculars let you immediately snap a picture or record a video. There’s even a pop-up two-inch LCD monitor to see what you’re recording as it would appear on screen. Video resolution goes as high as 1080p, and images and videos are saved as JPEGs or AVI files. Your binoculars even come with an 8GB TF Card for easy storage and transfer of files. 

Record your view while birdwatching, hunting, or stargazing 

Nature may surprise you, but with these binoculars, you’ll always be ready to see what it has in store. For a limited time, get the HD Digital Camera Binoculars for $129.95 (reg. $199). Prices subject to change.


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