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Boosted by Twitter drama, Mastodon reaches 1 million active monthly users

Germany-based Mastodon has experienced rapid growth since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, with nearly half a million users joining the network since October 27. While a fraction of the size of Twitter’s 238 million daily active users, Mastodon’s user base remains on a steep upward trajectory, growing from 60-80 new user registrations per hour prior to October 27 to thousands of registrations per hour today. Mastodon offers an experience similar to Twitter, with features like hashtags, replies, bookmarking and retweet-like “boosting.” But unlike Twitter, the network is distributed across thousands of individual servers, run largely by volunteer admins who join their systems together in a federation. Mastodon users can swap posts and links with others on their own server as well as users on other servers across the network. Founded in 2017, Mastodon — supported through crowdfunding and a small grant from the European Commission — isn’t governed by a central entity. No one server owner can impose their will or shut the network down; server owners can easily cut ties with any one server that embraces policies they view as too extremist. Twenty-five-year-old Rochko is the project’s only full-time employee, programming at his home in Germany on a modest €2,400 ($2,394.96) monthly salary. Boosted by Twitter drama, Mastodon reaches 1 million active monthly users by Kyle Wiggers originally published on TechCrunch


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