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Best paper shredders for your home office

When you need to quickly and efficiently get rid of sensitive banking or identification documents, a paper shredder provides a convenient solution that’s far more efficient than just ripping pages by hand. These machines easily shred all sorts of paper documents and credit cards, too, and you don’t even have to worry about removing staples or paper clips. Some heavier-duty models can even shred CDs and DVDs.

What to consider before buying a paper shredder

Whether for personal pages at home or highly-sensitive professional documents in the office, a paper shredder offers that next level of security and peace of mind you need—but you’ll want to make sure you pick up the right kind of shredder to suit your needs and budget. There are a number of things you should bear in mind when buying a paper shredder. This includes things like paper size, load size, the type of cut, shredding spread, the level of noise the shredder makes, safety around small children and inquisitive pets, any advanced features (some shredders can shred credit cards and paper clips), and energy efficiency.Looking for the right paper shredder to suit your needs? We’ve rounded up some of the best shredders on the market that’ll ensure your documents are properly destroyed without breaking the bank.

Which is better: Cross-cut or micro-cut shredder?

In terms of shredder paper, both the cross-cut shredder and micro-cut shredder are as good as each other. The real question should be how much security does each shredder provides. In that case, we would say the micro-cut shredder is better. These machines shred paper particles into smaller pieces. This ensures any sensitive information on your shredded documents is completely destroyed.

How long should a shredder last?

While some shredders will ideally last longer and work efficiently for a long time, you should expect any well-maintained shredder to last ten years. You can take care of a paper shredder by emptying the bin and cleaning and lubricating the blades on a regular basis. You should also run the shredder in reverse from time to time. This helps unclog any blockages.

How often should you lubricate a paper shredder?

If you do not use your shredder very often, you only need to oil the blades every two months. This will ensure the shredder continues to operate smoothly whenever it is used. However, if you use your shredder often, the best way to keep it healthy is by oiling it whenever you empty the waste bin.

How long can you run a paper shredder?

If you own a standard household shredder, you can usually run the machine 5-10 minutes before a cool-down period is necessary. However, office shredders can run for 30 minutes without needing a break. There are also some heavy-duty commercial shredders that can run continuously without ever needing to stop.

Can you sharpen a paper shredder?

Of course. In fact, it is remarkably easy to sharpen your blades. All you need to do is run a few sheets of standard aluminum foil through the shredder, the same way you would sharpen a dull pair of scissors by cutting up the foil. Many paper shredder manufacturers recommend that you do this every week in order to keep your shredder running at maximum efficiency.

What is the point of shredding paper?

The main purpose of a paper shredder is to ensure all of your sensitive documents are disposed of with no threat of theft. It is always a good idea to shred your financial letters or anything with your home address and name which can be used to commit identity fraud.However, if you are just getting rid of junk mail or scrap paper around the house, recycling plants recommend you recycle these sheets whole. Shredded paper can clog the machines used to sort through recycled paper and cardboard, as they are designed for larger sheets in general. In fact, if shredded paper ends up at a recycling plant, it is swept away with other trash.


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