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Basic, not boring: Get this ASUS Chromebook for $179

SAVE $150: As of Dec. 22, this ASUS Chromebook is on sale at Best Buy for $179, down from $329. That’s a discount of 46%You can have a working computer without all the bells and whistles. Now’s a great time to revisit your needs and consider an update that won’t break the bank. Maybe you want an everyday computer to help you with online chores, a study buddy for your child or teen, or you want to give a quality gift. As of Dec. 22, the ASUS Chromebook, 14-inch, is on sale at Best Buy for just $179. Holiday sales mean you’re getting a 46% discount or $150 off — that’s almost enough to buy two of these. But who’s counting?With 8 GB RAM and 64 GB SSD, this Chromebook can handle regular emails, calls, and streaming. Its low cost and study exterior make this a perfect gift for children or teens who need a scholastic companion as they navigate homework and hallways. This Chromebook’s Intel HD Graphics 5000 card can handle basic games because balance is key to a happier, healthier life.View every possible detail in games, shows, and notes thanks to this Chromebook’s 1920×1080 pixel resolution. This ASUS isn’t a touchscreen, which can be a plus for people who don’t like to see fingerprints all over their screen.Consider this deal if you’ve been shopping around for a Chromebook for yourself or someone else. It’s definitely tempting.images-1.fill_.size_256x175.v1671728161


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