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Arcimoto promises new 3-wheeled EVs will steer better as it ramps up 2023 deliveries

That’s quite a turnaround from January, when the EV startup halted production and warned it needed new funding, or else it might seek bankruptcy protection. Ultimately, the company raised $12 million by selling additional stock at a discounted price of $3 per share, or around half of its early-January price, Arcimoto told its backers. How are investors taking all this? Not well, it seems. As of Tuesday afternoon, a share in the publicly traded startup sat around $1.86. Still, Arcimoto says it will start shipping new EVs in March, featuring an upgraded steering system that will apparently “deliver improved handling and maneuverability at all speeds,” while cutting “steering effort by more than 40%.” When TechCrunch reviewed an earlier model in January, we noted it handled “almost like a car without power steering” at low speeds. Arcimoto also aims to bring the steering upgrade to its older vehicles, for a “small fee.” TechCrunch reached out to the startup for more details on its plans. Alongside Arcimoto’s consumer-focused FUV (Fun Utility Vehicle), the startup also produces a model for delivery drivers, dubbed the Deliverator, with extra storage space in lieu of a rear seat. Seemingly inspired by auto rickshaws and recreational vehicles like ATVs, Arcimoto’s vehicles look nothing like the hulking four-wheelers that dominate U.S. roads. They’re a goofy sight to behold, but it’s likely you won’t see one in the wild soon. The Oregon-based company estimates there are “more than 500” on roads today, close to half of which (228) were delivered last year. The Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle is a blast (that might not last) Arcimoto promises new 3-wheeled EVs will steer better as it ramps up 2023 deliveries by Harri Weber originally published on TechCrunch


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