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All the best headphones for Samsung device devotees

Your Samsung smartphone might offer plenty of great features, but we’ll bet that the earphones it came with aren’t that great. That’s a standard-issue problem with standard-issue earphones. You’re better off upgrading by buying a pair of earphones or headphones that offer a superior listening experience.But before you jump in and invest in a fancy new set, it’s worth thinking about your specific requirements — particularly as a Samsung user. After all, some headphones are geared towards Samsung devices, and some are geared towards Apple devices.How do you intend on using your headphones? Do you commute regularly? Do you love using Samsung’s voice assistant? Do you need noise cancellation? It’s important to pick a pair that works for you.It’s not an easy decision. Especially if you don’t know all the jargon. To help, we’ve put together a quick guide.

Are wired or wireless headphones better?

When buying headphones, you can choose between wired headphones, wireless, or even “true” wireless. Wired means you plug them into your headphone jack with cables trailing up to your ears. This can be an issue if you’re moving around a lot and don’t want to get tangled up. These do tend to be cheaper than wireless solutions, though.Wireless headphones, meanwhile, are typically connected via Bluetooth. That means you’re free to move around without being physically connected to your device. The latest Samsung smartphones don’t have a headphone jack. Instead, they have a USB-C port that connects to the standard-issue earphones. In other words, Samsung is following Apple in moving towards wireless listening. Be aware of this when ordering headphones that still use an old school jack connection.

What is true wireless?

True wireless (sometimes called “truly” wireless) is a term you’ll come across often when researching earphones. There are technically several levels of wireless. Regular “wireless” means earphones that aren’t connected to the device but are connected to each other via a cable that hangs behind your neck. True wireless is exactly as it sounds: two earbuds and no cables anywhere. They’re typically the most expensive option and you need to get a pair that fit comfortably so they don’t fall out. They’re particularly useful for when you’re running or commuting, as you don’t want to be tangled in cables. 

Which is better, over-ear or in-ear headphones?

Wired, wireless, and true wireless aren’t the only variations you have to consider. There are also on-ear headphones or in-ear earphones (or earbuds as they’re often called). Neither is technically better than the other. It all comes down to personal choice. Some people prefer the old school-feel of on-ear headphones. Others like buds that feed music directly into their ears. There are benefits to both. On-ear headphones tend to have higher-quality sound, while in-ear earphones are more compact, portable, and inconspicuous. They’re also better suited to fitness or commuting.

What is noise cancellation?

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is a clever bit of tech that blocks out external sound. It uses mini microphones that detect incoming noise and then create anti-sound waves to cancel out that noise. Some headphones have variations of ANC, such as “adaptive” noise cancellation, which cleverly adapts to your surroundings, or ambient modes which let in certain types of external noise such as other people’s voices, so you know when someone has started a conversation.

Are Beats headphones compatible with Samsung?

This is a commonly asked question, because Beats is such a popular brand, but became Apple-centric when Apple bought Beats back in 2014. You might think that you can’t use Beats headphones with your Samsung smartphone but that is not the case. The people at Beats are quick to remind listeners that their headphones sync with other types of devices straight out of the box, although you’ll miss out on some iOS features.  

Should you simply buy the cheapest headphones?

It’s pretty easy to find cheap headphones, but there are reasons why they’re so inexpensive. Typically, you get what you pay for, and the cheapest set is going to be lacking. You’ll want to make sure your headphones offer decent battery life, sound quality, durability, and portability, because otherwise you’re just wasting your cash. The more you spend, the more features you tend to get.

What are the best headphones for Samsung devices?

If the sheer number of headphone options has you feeling overwhelmed, do not fear. We’ve made the whole process much easier. These are the best headphones for Samsung devices in 2022.


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