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A lifetime subscription to this mindfulness app is on sale for 82% off

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Plus Plan is on sale for £60.44, saving you 82% on list price.Returning to school can be stressful, especially if you’re also working on the side or interning somewhere. It may be hard to look out for yourself when you have so much work to get done, but there are tools and resources out there that could make it a little easier. is a self-care app (that can also be accessed via browser) full of exercises and support tools for your personal self-care. You could get a lifetime subscription to this soothing web space, and it’s only £60.44 for a limited time.Check out over 2,000 mindful practices that could help you reflect on your stressors or unwind from them completely. If you have trouble sleeping, you can find hundreds of sleep tools that could help. And for the daytime, you could try out hundreds of living practices and other brief exercises that are often short. Some are even just one minute long.Fight back against stress and anxiety with some help from Get a lifetime subscription to for £60.44 — no coupon code needed.


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