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A lifetime subscription to this helpful plant identification app is on sale for under £20

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan is on sale for £17.39, saving you 66% on list price.There are countless plant species in nature. Just being able to identify even a portion of them would be impressive, but also knowing how to care for virtually any plant you find would take a lifetime of work. Or it could take a few minutes with the right app. NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan is your pocket green thumb that can identify, diagnose, and help you care for thousands of plants you may encounter. Right now, a lifetime subscription is on sale for only £17.39, down from £52. NatureID can identify over 14,000 species of plants. For each of them, it uses an AI-based digital tool to diagnose their state, including plant diseases, and give you advice on how to take care of them. All you have to do is take a picture of a plant and NatureID will start the recognition process. Maintaining a garden is hard, and your own house plants may get sick. Whether from human error like overwatering or something difficult to predict like a dormant fungus in the soil, the NatureID Plant doctor can help you identify diseases and find out what you need to do. That includes showing you how much water, light, and fertilise your plant needs to get and stay healthy. To help keep you on task, you can also use the NatureID Plant journal. It will send you regular reminders about watering, misting, feeding, and rotating your plants to help them thrive. If you want to learn even more, NatureID has a Plant encyclopedia from which you can read daily articles about flora from around the world. Be the best plant parent you can be with a lifetime subscription to a NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan, on sale for £17.39 for a limited time.images-1.fit_lim.size_256x-35


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