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A lifetime subscription to the Jillian Michaels fitness app is on sale for 66% off

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the Jillian Michaels fitness app is on sale for £122.68, saving you 66% on list price.The January Gym rush is coming. Don’t let your friends or family quit their New Year’s resolution to exercise more just because the gym is packed with people. Give them a way to work out at home. The Jillian Michaels Fitness app could help keep those fitness goals in sight, and a lifetime subscription is 66% off for new users. You may have seen her work on The Biggest Loser, but now you can benefit from some Jillian Michaels fitness training in your own home. Get moving to 800+ exercises shot in HD. Select your fitness level, intensity, and the equipment you have available to get exercise suggestions. You don’t need a full home gym at all to get your heart pumping.The app has selections for long-term and on-demand workouts. If you try an exercise you’re not up for, swap it for another. There are plenty of options, and you can even ban exercises you never want to repeat. You don’t have to do planks if you don’t want to. Make sure to give your muscles time to recover using the adjustable transition times.Enjoy some tunes while you exercise. The Jillian Michaels Fitness app is integrated with Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora so you can play your own music. Or, you can activate Beat Sync and adjust the in-app music to the pace of your workout. Save your loved one the stress of fighting over a pair of dumbbells. There are lots of options for working out at home, and all you have to do is follow along with this fun fitness app. For a limited time, get the Jillian Michaels Fitness app for just £122.68, for new users only. images-1.fill_.size_256x192.v1671443782


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